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  • Exceptional Work Speaks for Itself – Marcus Landis, Owner of C&M General Contracting
    As I begin my interview with Marcus Landis, he begins to tell me about himself and his business, my first thoughts are how incredibly humble this gentleman is. Marcus is a general contractor and the owner of C&M General Contracting (click here to follow him on Instagram.) You would never know from our interactions on social media that he has such an amazing story to tell. He and his son built a remodel construction company from the ground up. In addition to the demanding work he does in our community to build and remodeled homes (which is NOT easy work), he is a full-time, active-duty military police officer in the Army.
  • Survey Best Practices – Which Tool to Use and Why
    One of the most important steps in marketing is researching your audience and identifying a problem they need solutions for. There are several ways you can do this including online research, reading books, talking to people, and collecting information through surveys. If you have never created a survey before, this blog will walk you through several options and tools you can use. For those who have experience surveying audiences before, we will compare the various tools and make recommendations for the types of questions to ask.
  • The Root of Happiness and Success Denver Spotlight – Suzanne Sexton with Root Medical Aesthetics
    Every Thursday we feature one small business in Colorado that has an inspiring story. In order to highlight inspiring small business stories in Colorado, help build a strong professional community, and give local small businesses additional visibility, we interview the owner(s) and share their stories through our blogs. Welcome to the Denver Spotlight! This week’s Denver Spotlight selection is Suzanne Sexton, Physician Assistant, owner, and founder of a local concierge aesthetics practice called Root Medical Aesthetics. Her tagline is “effortless enhancements to fit any schedule.”

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