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  • All Small Business Owners Will Want to Read This: PinPoint Networking – The Denver Spotlight
    Born and raised in Westchester County, NY (New York), Julie Schumann has now lived in Denver, Colorado for 23 years. Her passion is to assist small business owners to network, collaborate, connect, and form trusting relationships with one another. Julie is a co-owner of PinPoint Networking. She and Nick Altomare formed a small business networking group in January of 2021. It is a group of small business owners who meet regularly to problem solve, connect with one another, support one another, and fundraise together. They have meetings on their website that you can register to attend.
  • Donny Lucas with Denver Designs, Community Spirit – Denver Spotlight
    In the spirit of marketing through storytelling, each week, Strasser Writing and Marketing, interviews a small business owner and writes a blog about their business. It assists small businesses with getting their story out into the community, drives our web traffic, and it allows us to connect with and learn from other small business owners. It is a win-win! This week we are pleased to feature a creative force, Denver Designs, owned by Donny Lucas. Donny and previously collaborated when he offered to take my photographs twice to help build his portfolio as well as give me content for my social media/headshots. Donny is a talented photographer who captures his subject’s personality and vision.
  • Would You Like 403% More Views? Try Dynamic Content Such As This
    Many content marketers and small business owners spend a lot of time searching for content ideas. This blog showcases an example of West 360 Digital’s photography work. Brendan West is an aerial photographer who can shoot the dynamic content you need to attract leads and eventually convert them into sales. He specializes in real estate photography. I will now discuss Coors Field, the subject of his latest photos.

New blogs posted Monday through Friday weekly.

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